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yj paris


"I've matured as much as I've been hurt." - U-Know Yunho

yj paris
 enjoying the music n waiting the damn film to buffer (why does it take forever? D: ), my friend suddenly texted me: have u study for the upcoming test? 
i was like, 'what the hell? we celebrated new year for just 10hours n we have a test? O.O'
unfortunately, he was right. gah. i forgot about that damn test altogether when the holidays started.
well, thanks to him to remind me.

hm. but no worries. still have 2 days to study~ xDD~~ 

ANYWAY, i look some picts from JJ Intermodulation photobook. THIS PICT made me go spazzing like a crazy fangirl :P


zomfg. smoky eyes. he's damn hot. why is he so so gorgeous? D8
btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! :D

Hello World ~~
yj paris
Nyoba Ngepost disini.. hehehehehe

Pertama kali ngepost..
harap maklum ya kalau agak aneh..

stress ujian kalkulus hari ini...
Berharap bisa dapet bagus.. 
Ujian kali ini suram banget...